Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Several of my images are included among the works of 46 other photographers in Bruno Gmünder publisher's new book, Kissed: Sensuality in Gay Art.

But it was only a kiss! -a sentence you won't ever say again after having leafed through this book and marveled at these unique kissing pictures. How much a kiss can mean and how much a kiss is a universe of its own-that is pointed up in this volume on 260 pages by more than 40 photographers. From sensual and erotic to wild and debauched: Here you'll find everything that can happen between lips. Kissed is anthology that makes you find truth in the words of Mark Twain who once said: "A kiss is something you need both hands for." Well, that still says it best.

One reviewer on wrote:

Beautiful and Loving

A kiss can mean so many things but I believe that most of us take a kiss to be a sign of affection. In this new anthology of photographs of men kissing each other we see a kiss as it is rarely presented to us and I must say all of the photographs are beautiful. Bruno Gmunder has given us some fine photography books but rarely do we the emotion and affection that we see here. In fact, rarely do we see men expressing feeling through kisses. A kiss as expressed here is sensual and erotic, sometimes decadent and wild and all kinds of kisses are in this book. After looking at the photos here you may never kiss anyone the same way again. For me, at least, the word kiss took on a whole new meaning.
More than forty photographers have contributed to this volume and there are many different kisses s there are photographs. This is the kind of book that makes you smile as you leaf through the pages--something you do again and again.

-Amos Lassen

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Oh, and Amos: Thanks for the kind words!

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