Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Welcome to Jay Plogman Photography

Welcome to Jay Plogman Photography. I'm a professional photographer, based in Cincinnati, Ohio. In this blog you'll see some of my latest work and learn about special offers and events as they are scheduled.

I have over 20 years photographic experience photographing everyday people as well as professional models in the US and abroad, including Latin America and Asia; most recently, almost 3 years in the Philippines. Although now based in Cincinnati, OH I do travel to Philly, NYC, and Tampa every so often.

I do all my shoots by appointment only. Individuals, couples, and groups are welcome. Shoots can be in studio, on-location, or within your own home. Schedule a free consultation with me by contacting me at j.plogman@gmail.com or call (513) 388-7001.

Here's what a reviewer has to say of my work:
The fantastic work of Jay Plogman, where East is Best. His portraits are sensual, vivid and enchanting. His colors, style and positioning are perfection. His Asian influence embraces culture, spirituality and sensitivity. Jay has an amazing talent for bringing everything together and capturing the essence of his models. Each set and each model tells another story, each is soft and inviting. Jay really is an amazing stylish, photographer and artist. -Try State Magazine, 8/31/2009

And some words from clients:
Hello Jay..saw your exhibit last Sat...whew! They're GREAT!!! -Carlo

Hey, Jay! Thanks for the shoot. I definitely had fun. :) -Kince

I believe that its rare for someone to capture the essence and beauty of a person and I believe you're one of them.;) -Yucel

It was great to finally meet you and work with you the other day. I
definitely felt comfortable in front of the camera. -Wayne

Jay is a great photographer and a great guy...love him. -Dennis

I had a great time over the two days we shot. Jay really made me feel
comfortable despite the cold weather and is a pleasure to work with.
-John San Juan

Hey Jay. I love those pics. You make me so glad and proud of my pics. What can I say..? -Franco

You're an excellent photographer. You make us beautiful. :) -Jerry

Jay Plogman is an artist who can find your unusual side, discovering
the other beauty hidden inside you. Modeling is group work because
you need to build a link with the photographer and help him to express
his ideas. I feel a strong connection with Jay when he 'makes' his
images. It is a whole experience. -Dayo Litmanovich

Dear Jay,
Thank you so much for all your hard work. We are very pleased with
the pictures. You did an excellent job at capturing the "special"
moments. It was a pleasure working with you.
-Jennifer & David

Hey guys, let yourself experience the one of a kind professional photographer like Jay!!!!! You'll definitely enjoy and it's worth the price I had a lot myself!!!!!!
Hi 5 for Jay!!!!!!! -Charlton

Thanks mate! I really liked the photos. I will definitely recommend you to friends if they need some photos taken. -Raymund Imperial

Wonderful work! Really awesome! I look froward to working with you again in the future. -Billy

Hi Jay. We have a big smile on our faces when we saw the pictures. And it is very sweet. -Aiden & Jerry

Thanks for including me, I had fun during the shoot. Take care always. -Jay Errol

I never thought it'd be a lot of fun. It was my first time actually
to join a group shoot and I had the best time. Keep me posted. Mwah!

I have seen the pix already, and wow, they are really good! -Ken

You're such a great photographer. -Jeff

Thank you. I didn't expect it would turn out this fun:) Jay-thanks for allowing me to work with you again. And as before, I enjoyed it. -Billy