Wednesday, December 16, 2009

BLISS Features Me in its 4th Issue

My photographic interests are varied and diverse. I have the same enthusiasm for photographing nature as portraits, trains as pets. One area of my portraiture concerns the male form in all its genres. Everything from fashion to the erotic arts. Sean at BLISS Male Magazine contacted me a while back expressing his interest in my work and asked to do a feature on me and my work with Asian (more specifically, Filipino) men for their 4th issue. Well, I've just been told the issue is out as of today.

BLISS does deal primarily with the erotic arts, even articulately discussing the oft-debated topic of erotic art vs. porn, so due to the images represented this is probably not the site to visit while at work or any minors are around. It's a wonderful read and I was delighted as well as flattered to take part in the interview with Sean.

The link is here.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Learn Photography with Jay Plogman Photography Tutorials.

Jay Plogman Photography offers affordable, 1-on-1 tutorials in photography to help you make the most of your camera gear. No matter if you have a simple compact digicam or a full-feature digital SLR, you'll learn how it works and how to make the most of all the features to make your pictures the best they can be.

5 lessons are offered in all. Here they are in the order in which they should be taken:

BASIC PHOTOGRAPHY (SPLIT INTO 2 PARTS - PART 1 & 2): These lessons cover all the basics of photography, whether it is film or digital. All the principles of how to take a good picture are the same. PART 1 covers different camera types, getting to know lenses, how they affect what you see, and composition. PART 2 covers in-depth how camera functions affect your photos and how to manipulate them for desired effects. Each of these takes approximately 2 hours for the average beginner to go through, maybe more, especially if in a group setting.

DIGITAL photography covers all the things that make a
digital camera different from a film camera and what that means to your pictures. There is then an introduction to the basics of Photoshop to see how to deal with the pictures once they're taken. Class takes approximately two hours.

FLASH covers how, when, why and where flash should be used in
picture-taking. Approximately an hour for this class, plus practice time*.

PEOPLE covers what you need to know to get good portraits (and some action photography shots) in virtually any environment. Class takes approximately an hour plus hands-on practice time*.

Because these are offered as tutorials, students are able to ask as many questions as need be without worrying about holding back others. We'll go over your specific camera in depth, so you know what all the features are and how to use them to maximum benefit. Together we'll set many of the menu features to exactly where you want them. The Flash and People lessons also include practice time*. During the practice time for the People lesson, it is heavily suggested you have a friend or family member present to use as your model.

The cost of each lesson individually is $30. If you choose to take all 5, the total package is $125 (a $5 discount on each lesson for a $25 savings overall).

So what are you waiting for? It's time to take your camera off of "AUTO" mode and discover what amazing images await you! And for those who are still afraid to use your camera: pull it out of the closet, take it out of the box, and in just 5 lessons, you may never put it away again!

Email me at to set up your private tutorial sessions today.

Monday, November 2, 2009

November Portrait Specials

Jay Plogman Photography announces 3 special portrait packages.

All packages include:

-Pre-shoot consultation
-Up to 2 hour photo shoot session
-Individuals or families/groups of up to 4 persons
($40 fee for each additional person)
-Preview and selection appointment



From your 3 favorite poses you'll receive:

-2ea 8x10 prints
-2ea 5x7 prints
-8 wallet prints
-Free digital file of each pose purchased*
(File is low resolution suitable for internet display)
*Additional files available at $10 each.

Regularly $200



Up to 15 of your favorite images will be saved to CD in low resolution suitable for posting on Friendster, Facebook, MySpace, Multiply and other internet sites.

Regularly $280



This takes the Show Off Online Package one step further! You get up to 15 of your favorite images saved to CD in both low resolution and high resolution file sizes! This way, one file can be used for online applications and the other can be used for prints! Each size is saved to CD in separate, specially-marked folders for ease of locating.

Regularly $400

Remember, no matter which package you choose, all shoots include the following retouching/editing of all poses selected.
-brightening of eyes
-whitening of teeth
-removal of skin blemishes
-lessen appearance of wrinkles
-adjustment of shadows
-improve brightness
-optimization of color and tone

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I started out in photography over twenty years ago. Back in high school, my goal was to take great pictures of trains. In college, I added photographing nature and artworks. Later on came people.

From 1998 through 2004 I did wedding photography. Today I continue to shoot for those about to be married, doing prenuptial portraits. These have proven to be some of the photos the newly wedded couples love the most, as we are able to capture them in locations that have great significance to them and do so without the time constraints imposed by all the events of a wedding day.
I've also worked with a variety of models, ranging from beginners/amateurs to professional.

My first work in digital came in 2006 when I worked with Venezuelan model/fashion accessory designer Dayo Litmanovich:
I later moved to the Philippines and began working with models there. Here is versatile Philippine model/actor Jaws Andrada from a short test shoot we did in 2008:
He's not the first Filipino actor I worked with though. That would be Jerwin Mercado. I had the privilege of working with him in 2007 when director Felino Tañada approached me to do some publicity photos of the young star for the movie Hanggang Dito Na Lamang at Maraming Salamat. These were used in articles in magazines to introduce readers to the fresh face on the screen. Here's a couple from that session, done at Pueblo por la Playa resort in Lucena, Philippines:

Also in 2007, I worked on a shoot documenting the taping of MTV Philippines VJ Search at Camp Explore in Antipolo, Philippines. Here, one of the VJ wannabees is seen after her descent on the Slide for Life:
I don't restrict my photographic subject matter. In 2008, the people at Slivers magazine (a Philippine publication covering interior design and architecture) had me do work for two articles covering an architect and the Mango Camp resort in Zambales, Philippines. Here's a few shots from that shoot:

Experience from the early years on behind the camera really helps when it comes to dealing with continually changing persons, places, and events in front of the camera!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Professional Quality: Before & After Shots

There is a common belief nowadays that any time you want your picture taken, all you have to do is call on the relative with the digital SLR and you'll get pictures as good as the pros. That's fine, if your relative is a pro. If he or she isn't, you'll end up with the same pictures you used to moan and groan about in the days of film.

Digital SLRs don't make better pictures; better photographers make better pictures!

Like me, more professional photographers today are working hard after the picture is taken to make it the best it can be in ways they couldn't imagine ten or fifteen years ago. During the picture-taking process a professional photographer uses all the training, talent, and experience they have to create a great image. Sometimes that just isn't enough though. Sometimes we have to work extra hard to make our subjects look great after the shoot is over.

Notice this shot: (click on image to enlarge)The subject's skin is almost perfect, so removal of a few blemishes and some touch up to the eyes was all that was required; but after the shoot was over it was determined the watch on her wrist just didn't work, so it was removed as well.

That edit work was relatively easy compared to what I did here, though: (click on image to enlarge)All the make up in the world wasn't going to conceal the blemishes on his skin that day. So I had to become the dermatologist later on and edit out all the marks. I didn't remove the skin texture though. You can still see the signs that his skin isn't without its flaws; just that it wasn't breaking out like it was the day of the shoot. Many people today go too far in improving the complexion of their subjects, and in turn create more mannequin-like complexions. One fellow photographer I know calls them plastic people.

Edit work like this after the photo session with a client has ended is what takes up a majority of a photographer's time for each job. The photo shoot itself may take an hour or so, but editing may take another five or six hours (or more), depending on the number of images ordered and the complexity of edits required. An all-day shoot could literally take weeks of work for a photographer to process!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Welcome to Jay Plogman Photography

Welcome to Jay Plogman Photography. I'm a professional photographer, based in Cincinnati, Ohio. In this blog you'll see some of my latest work and learn about special offers and events as they are scheduled.

I have over 20 years photographic experience photographing everyday people as well as professional models in the US and abroad, including Latin America and Asia; most recently, almost 3 years in the Philippines. Although now based in Cincinnati, OH I do travel to Philly, NYC, and Tampa every so often.

I do all my shoots by appointment only. Individuals, couples, and groups are welcome. Shoots can be in studio, on-location, or within your own home. Schedule a free consultation with me by contacting me at or call (513) 388-7001.

Here's what a reviewer has to say of my work:
The fantastic work of Jay Plogman, where East is Best. His portraits are sensual, vivid and enchanting. His colors, style and positioning are perfection. His Asian influence embraces culture, spirituality and sensitivity. Jay has an amazing talent for bringing everything together and capturing the essence of his models. Each set and each model tells another story, each is soft and inviting. Jay really is an amazing stylish, photographer and artist. -Try State Magazine, 8/31/2009

And some words from clients:
Hello Jay..saw your exhibit last Sat...whew! They're GREAT!!! -Carlo

Hey, Jay! Thanks for the shoot. I definitely had fun. :) -Kince

I believe that its rare for someone to capture the essence and beauty of a person and I believe you're one of them.;) -Yucel

It was great to finally meet you and work with you the other day. I
definitely felt comfortable in front of the camera. -Wayne

Jay is a great photographer and a great him. -Dennis

I had a great time over the two days we shot. Jay really made me feel
comfortable despite the cold weather and is a pleasure to work with.
-John San Juan

Hey Jay. I love those pics. You make me so glad and proud of my pics. What can I say..? -Franco

You're an excellent photographer. You make us beautiful. :) -Jerry

Jay Plogman is an artist who can find your unusual side, discovering
the other beauty hidden inside you. Modeling is group work because
you need to build a link with the photographer and help him to express
his ideas. I feel a strong connection with Jay when he 'makes' his
images. It is a whole experience. -Dayo Litmanovich

Dear Jay,
Thank you so much for all your hard work. We are very pleased with
the pictures. You did an excellent job at capturing the "special"
moments. It was a pleasure working with you.
-Jennifer & David

Hey guys, let yourself experience the one of a kind professional photographer like Jay!!!!! You'll definitely enjoy and it's worth the price I had a lot myself!!!!!!
Hi 5 for Jay!!!!!!! -Charlton

Thanks mate! I really liked the photos. I will definitely recommend you to friends if they need some photos taken. -Raymund Imperial

Wonderful work! Really awesome! I look froward to working with you again in the future. -Billy

Hi Jay. We have a big smile on our faces when we saw the pictures. And it is very sweet. -Aiden & Jerry

Thanks for including me, I had fun during the shoot. Take care always. -Jay Errol

I never thought it'd be a lot of fun. It was my first time actually
to join a group shoot and I had the best time. Keep me posted. Mwah!

I have seen the pix already, and wow, they are really good! -Ken

You're such a great photographer. -Jeff

Thank you. I didn't expect it would turn out this fun:) Jay-thanks for allowing me to work with you again. And as before, I enjoyed it. -Billy