Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Learn Photography with Jay Plogman Photography Tutorials.

Jay Plogman Photography offers affordable, 1-on-1 tutorials in photography to help you make the most of your camera gear. No matter if you have a simple compact digicam or a full-feature digital SLR, you'll learn how it works and how to make the most of all the features to make your pictures the best they can be.

5 lessons are offered in all. Here they are in the order in which they should be taken:

BASIC PHOTOGRAPHY (SPLIT INTO 2 PARTS - PART 1 & 2): These lessons cover all the basics of photography, whether it is film or digital. All the principles of how to take a good picture are the same. PART 1 covers different camera types, getting to know lenses, how they affect what you see, and composition. PART 2 covers in-depth how camera functions affect your photos and how to manipulate them for desired effects. Each of these takes approximately 2 hours for the average beginner to go through, maybe more, especially if in a group setting.

DIGITAL photography covers all the things that make a
digital camera different from a film camera and what that means to your pictures. There is then an introduction to the basics of Photoshop to see how to deal with the pictures once they're taken. Class takes approximately two hours.

FLASH covers how, when, why and where flash should be used in
picture-taking. Approximately an hour for this class, plus practice time*.

PEOPLE covers what you need to know to get good portraits (and some action photography shots) in virtually any environment. Class takes approximately an hour plus hands-on practice time*.

Because these are offered as tutorials, students are able to ask as many questions as need be without worrying about holding back others. We'll go over your specific camera in depth, so you know what all the features are and how to use them to maximum benefit. Together we'll set many of the menu features to exactly where you want them. The Flash and People lessons also include practice time*. During the practice time for the People lesson, it is heavily suggested you have a friend or family member present to use as your model.

The cost of each lesson individually is $30. If you choose to take all 5, the total package is $125 (a $5 discount on each lesson for a $25 savings overall).

So what are you waiting for? It's time to take your camera off of "AUTO" mode and discover what amazing images await you! And for those who are still afraid to use your camera: pull it out of the closet, take it out of the box, and in just 5 lessons, you may never put it away again!

Email me at j.plogman@gmail.com to set up your private tutorial sessions today.

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