Wednesday, December 16, 2009

BLISS Features Me in its 4th Issue

My photographic interests are varied and diverse. I have the same enthusiasm for photographing nature as portraits, trains as pets. One area of my portraiture concerns the male form in all its genres. Everything from fashion to the erotic arts. Sean at BLISS Male Magazine contacted me a while back expressing his interest in my work and asked to do a feature on me and my work with Asian (more specifically, Filipino) men for their 4th issue. Well, I've just been told the issue is out as of today.

BLISS does deal primarily with the erotic arts, even articulately discussing the oft-debated topic of erotic art vs. porn, so due to the images represented this is probably not the site to visit while at work or any minors are around. It's a wonderful read and I was delighted as well as flattered to take part in the interview with Sean.

The link is here.

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