Friday, August 20, 2010

Shooting Grace Jones in NYC

First, allow me to clarify why I've titled this post as such: There's this amazing model named Charles in New York City. I was traveling there to meet up with some dear friends I hadn't seen in years. I scheduled the trip when I did in order to shoot with another amazing model who was flying in from France and had expressed how much he'd love to work with me. So I figured as long as I was in New York, I might as well do another shoot. I immediately thought of Charles and messaged him. He had but one free day and a whopper of an idea: to pay homage to one of his idols, Grace Times Square.

So we did. And the tourists (As well as the Times Square Police - thank you so much, officers!) loved it. Hope you readers do as well.

The two other models joining Charles are Azamani Jaye (in black) and Simmi Mumphrey (lying down).

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