Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ankur in Shades of Gray

Many believe models are little more than pretty faces, forever obsessed with their appearance, checking themselves out in mirrors and shop windows in stereotyped narcissism. I've got some news for you: models who do that are rarely that good. At least that's what my experience has shown. We should all be concerned enough about our appearance that we take at least one quick look in the mirror before leaving home to ensure we're not going to be a complete embarrassment to ourselves, our family, our friends, or our community. Just a brief glance to see our clothes are on right side out, there's no toothpaste running down the sides of our mouth, things like that.

Ankur Man is one of those models who spends just a fraction of a second with a mirror. He is working towards his PhD, is an articulate blogger, and positivity radiates from him. Check out what beautiful things he has to say about his home away from home, Cincinnati, Ohio to know there's a lot more to this model than meets the eye!

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  1. very nice shot!!! Miss working with you on Sepia... I loved that too....