Monday, February 1, 2010

Meet the Models: Larissa Maestro

I had the good fortune to work with the exceptionally talented and photogenic singer/songwriter Larissa Maestro back in 2006. Our shoot in her family's warm and historic home was conducted pretty spur of the moment in that we just meandered from room to room (even to barn) looking for great opportunities - and did we ever find them!That's actually the thing that I find makes for the best portraits of people - being able to use their own space. The reason these images speak so eloquently to the viewer is that they say so much about their subject. Only with extensive preparation and great expense could we ever have hoped to create a studio setting as rich as this! Many may argue that they don't have such nice homes, but I've never found that to be a problem. Furniture almost always has to be re-arranged for the best effect. Lamps and tables are re-positioned. Area rugs may find themselves on the wall instead of the floor. All the makings of great images are there, wherever you are! That's why I always have (and always will) say: your best images are the ones shot in the comfort of your own home. Don't go to the photographer; have the photographer come to you!Here's a clip of Larissa in concert: